A View of the Ancligan Church of the Future??????

On a visit to Australia, Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire held up his own diocese as the idealized church of the future and criticized the Anglican Diocese of Sydney in an interview with SX News, a weekly gay publication.
“It is ironic that the Sydney diocese, taking in one of great gay cities of world, is also among the most bigoted,” Bishop Robinson said. “For a long time, we’ve had a church that’s believed you can’t put ‘gay’ and ‘Christians’ in the same sentence. I believe those days are coming to an end.”
Those interested in discovering what the church of the future will be like would do better to visit churches in the Diocese of New Hampshire than those in the Diocese of Sydney, Bishop Robinson said.
“The one place where I am not ‘the gay bishop’ is my own diocese,” he said. “I tell people that if you want to see what the church is going to be like when we finish obsessing about sex, come to New Hampshire. There I’m just the bishop. I spend 90 percent of my time in the diocese doing the things that a bishop does, and my sexuality is rarely mentioned. [It’s only] when I leave the diocese that I become this other thing.”

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