Complete List with Names, Addresses and E-Mail Addresses

By David W. Virtue

VOL believes that what took place in the House of Bishops (HOB) this week was so momentous and wrong that we are encouraging GAFCON Primates, other Archbishops and Bishops of the Anglican Communion to write each of the “deposing” bishops in TEC a personal letter expressing how their action is causing grievances in their provinces and thus in the wider Anglican Communion.

The “action” of these 88 bishops is impacting the service of the global church and raises serious questions about the future of the Communion. It also expresses a total lack of respect for The Episcopal Church’s canons and raises serious questions to the majority of global bishops how they can possibly pursue their office as a bishop in a proper humble and Christ-like way.

VOL believes that unless TEC bishops publicly apologize, any visits or contact of any kind between their province and the bishop’s diocese be put on hold indefinitely.

VOL is therefore making available the names, addresses and e-mail addresses of the 88 TEC bishops who voted for the “deposition” of Bishop Duncan with the hope that it will be acted upon.

List of email addresses here…………

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