frgavin on September 9th, 2008

Listening to Bp Gene Robinson … again

Hat tip:  Gauthier’s:
Without even leaving the Diocese of New Hampshire, Bp. Gene Robinson hits the campaign trail for Barack Obama:
Okay, it’s time to get serious. As LGBT voters, it’s time to put our differences and disappointments aside, and get behind the one candidate who has our interests at heart.
If you’re still stinging over the unsuccessful bid for nomination by Hillary Clinton, it’s time to look forward, even if the disappointment still hurts. We are faced with the most stark choice in recent memory, with ramifications for our community like no other. If nothing else convinces you to vote for Barack Obama, surely the likelihood of the next president appointing one, two, or possibly even three Supreme Court justices should do it.
With John McCain, we will see the conservative near-majority on the Court shift to a solid majority – with devastating results when the “full faith and credit clause” of the Constitution is challenged in the recognition of gay marriages. With Barack Obama, we have someone who is utterly sympathetic to our full and equal rights as citizens. I know, he won’t say he’s for equal marriage rights (neither did Hillary), but he still is the most LGBT-friendly president we will have ever had. I know from my own private conversations with him that he is totally in our court. I believe him, and I trust him, not to throw us under the bus when the election is over….

But now it’s time to get serious. It is no longer enough to make a decision to vote for Barack Obama. The polls – unbelievably and frighteningly – are close. The election of a LGBT-friendly candidate is not a foregone conclusion. We now have to WORK for his election. That means calling your parents, your siblings, your friends from college; it means talking to your co-workers at the water cooler and your next door neighbors – about why this election is important to you as a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person, and how it will make a difference to you and your family who inhabits the White House. It’s time to tell them that a vote for the Republican nominee is a vote against YOU, against YOUR rights, YOUR family. And if they don’t understand how that could be true, be ready to tell them.


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