frgavin on September 7th, 2008

— by Gary L’Hommedieu


By Canon Gary L’Hommedieu

I guess I’m just not that interested in the Church Wars these days. Observing Lambeth was like spending three weeks watching paint dry and then at the end wondering if it had. The conference, blessedly, had a distinct end. One was left wondering about the paint.

GAFCON is an exciting development. But is it a movement of the Spirit or a spiritually charged moment — the next chapter in the unfolding Reformation drama or the latest evidence of the Reformation schism?

It will take a long time for that paint to dry.

Not much surprises me about the Episcopal Church. When I was ordained by Paul Moore in 1979, the TEC trajectory was clear. The contrived glass ceilings that have punctuated the Church’s life since then have not revealed anything new. Maybe things have gone hi-TEC since 2003, but since the 60s the Episcopal Church has been relevant mainly as a study in the evolving consciousness of the wider American culture.

The American liberal denominations, along with every American (and perhaps every Western) institution, have become utterly politicized. I don’t just mean institutions have become “too political”, devoting too much time and resources to influencing the political process. I mean the people themselves have become self-conscious about the political implications of the most mundane human interactions to the point that they have, in effect, become politicians.

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