Tearfund and Archbishop Tutu

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Some of us may be wondering what exactly is happening here.  According to Tearfund’s site, AB Desmond Tutu (with Tearfund Director, Matthew Frost, left) gave a stirring speech which encouraged radical Christian commitment and care for the poor, the suffering, the dispossessed, those close to God’s heart.  Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  That is not all the good bishop said, however. According to BBC’s account, Desmond Tutu reiterated what has become one of his classic lectures on the evils of homophobia in the church and how issues of human sexuality are not that important in the Big Picture.

Of course, all this really says is that along with other ‘progressive’ Christians in the Anglican Communion, Tutu has abandoned the biblical claim that certain moral behaviours actively embraced will cause one to forfeit one’s eternal salvation.  He no longer believes such is the case and admonishes others to join him. In matter of fact, the entire sexual realm would appear to be unimportant – certainly not a cause for concern! – and what people get up to sexually – and the soaring cost of these behaviours in terms of the individual, marriage and the family, the community and the nation – are matters which are downplayed or ignored entirely.

I have no doubt but that Tutu’s concern for the Have Nots is very close to the heart of God. However, I have huge doubt that he is correct in his sexual ethic and its impact on church and culture or in his evaluation of the present Anglican crisis.

But that is only the first part of the saga.  Given the fact that Tutu is one of the most vocal and popular advocates for gay rights now on the planet, why did the Tearfund organizers invite him to speak?  Did they not realise what they were letting themselves in for?  Or is Tearfund shifting, ever so slowly, ever so incrementally, from its mooring in a strong, compassionate evangelical heritage which embraces both grace and truth?  If not, then perhaps the organization might wish to distance itself from Tutu’s sexual ethic.

If you would care to contrast the BBC’s account with what is on Tearfund’s site, the addresses are here.  And if you wish to contact Tearfund directly, its details are here as well.



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