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Episcopal Church Continues to Decline Latest Figures Reveal

News Analysis

By David W. Virtue

If Episcopal Church leaders thought they could get away with it, they were sadly mistaken.

If they thought the church would be “saved” by belief in Millennium Development Goals, they were twice mistaken.

If Episcopal bishops thought that sitting on the backs of late model convertible cars advertising their support of pansexual behavior in “gay parades” would jump start dying parishes with a new generation of “inclusive” American Christians, they were also mistaken. It’s not happening.

A moderately conservative bishop told VOL that the House of Bishops is so “fundamentally dysfunctional,” that he feels he will be casting a lot more “abstain” votes in the future, even if such a vote will likely be interpreted as a conservative/traditional vote. He considers his actual voting at all to be an acknowledgement of the dysfunctionality of the HOB. Even moderate bishops unsympathetic to the actions taken against Bishop Robert Duncan were pushed over the edge when the canons were trampled on by Mrs. Jefferts Schori and David Booth Beers. Look for more rebellion in the HOB in the future.

If Episcopal leaders thought it was a slam dunk that they would automatically win all the lawsuits over properties, they again misread the cue cards.


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