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Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Those of us who have been privileged to grow up in a somewhat genteel Church and Society have perhaps believed in a rule of law based on the what the laws says and what the facts of a particular case happen to be. One of the reasons many earnest Anglicans in the USA are nonplussed is that the Church in which we were catechized and the society that we were a part of have both seemingly gone upside down. Doctrine and faith that we were taught is now contradicted by leading Episcopal Church officials, and practices that were only recently considered abhorrent and openly known to be sin are now exalted as sacred and rites are fabricated to celebrate them in church. That is why so many are leaving churches that teach and model such, and fortunately there are places, Anglican and otherwise, that are safely orthodox to receive them. The issues of society are more difficult, for as civil law moves to permit formerly illegal behavior, and even grant license for it, speaking against the sin is increasingly falling into so-called “hate speech” categories, and the government that once stood for stability and morality now is moving to suppress both in favor of granting a grave sinner freedom to never hear a call to repentance.

The law itself, in its practical application, has developed a strong third leg: money. It seems that now law, facts and money stand, not equal but tipped in favor of money. Those who have the money will litigate mercilessly, and if the ones they are suing are financially unable to defend themselves, despite law or fact, they fall out of court and lose. The amazing thing is that one source of this kind of abuse is a Church, and a Church that calls itself Christian. In the USA we are familiar with The Episcopal Church becoming the Church of Perpetual Litigation, and using its vast financial resources to sue individual congregations, rectors, and vestry members. This is being expanded now to include suing dioceses as they also depart from the organizational structure and the heretical beliefs of present day Episcopalianism. An article that is included for your review details how the “remaining Episcopal” fragment of the Diocese of San Joaquin, now calling themselves the Diocese of San Joaquin (Episcopal), is turning to the national Episcopal Church for operational funding in amounts that may approach $600,000, and dedicating all of its internal income for litigation against the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin (the original diocese).

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