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From Virtueonline


WHEATON, IL: Constitution Approved for New Province
Christ Awakening Event draws 70 Anglican leaders from multiple jurisdictions to explore Mission

By David W. Virtue in Wheaton, Illinois

Virtueonline has learned that a Constitution has been approved of by the Common Cause Council with no abstentions to establish a new North American Anglican Province. Canons for a new province are being voted on and should receive approval shortly.

A Christ Awakening event is being held here on the campus of Wheaton College prior to the formal announcement of a new Anglican Province later tonight. The event has drawn some 70 Anglicans from multiple jurisdictions who have come together to offer a vision of mission. To date there have been four Christ Awakening events, in Chicago, Akron, Vancouver and New England. There purpose is to raise Jesus up, said the Rev. Doc Loomis.

More news as it becomes available… .Provisional Constitution

Provisional Canons

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