By David W Virtue, virtueonline

The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken about the actions of GC2009 but what he says brings little comfort or solace to orthodox Anglicans across the world, especially congregations in revisionist dioceses under siege by equally revisionist bishops.

In an effort to keep the Anglican Communion from imploding, the Archbishop of Canterbury is proposing to re-conceive the Communion as essentially a loose federation of local bodies rather than a theologically coherent “community of Christian communities” in a “two-tier” or a “two-track” model in an endeavor to hold the communion together.

Dr. Williams’ response to The Episcopal Church General Convention’s passage of two explosive resolutions endorsing the ordination of homosexuals as clergy and bishops and rites for same-sex unions that could bring about a de jure schism in the Communion was described by a senior Church of England cleric close to Lambeth Palace as so much “Ro-Babble – a Panglossian description of the blindingly obvious in 2,823 words.”

Nothing is ever final: “Let’s just hope that all will be well in the end, when everyone has signed the Covenant and then we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya.” “It is Rowan acting as a pope. He will not allow anyone else to make decisions, and he will string it all along and spin it as much as he can along the way. He is still hoping that the whole Communion can be conned into following TEC’s lead. Plant more facts on the ground and just give it time….”

An orthodox archbishop described William’s response as “nuanced, offering no leadership in the present crisis.”

Virtually all responses to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s take on the two GC2009 resolutions have been negative or not at all.

To date, TEC’s presiding bishop, the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, has not responded to Williams’ letter.

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