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By David W Virtue,VOL

The passage of resolution D025, that pansexual practitioners will now be acceptable to all orders of ministry in The Episcopal Church, is a clarifying moment.

It is the same kind of clarity the Anglican Primates, 38 leaders of the church, attained in Alexandria, Egypt, earlier this year when they finally admitted that two understandings of the faith, two religions totally at odds with each other now inhabit the Anglican Communion.

There is now no more doubt, no more fudging, no more hesitation and no more ambiguity. We have complete clarity.

The Episcopal Church USA has stepped outside the bounds of biblical morality and the main sweep and teaching of church history on human sexuality.

The question now is: Is The Episcopal Church any longer a Christian denomination in any moral or theological sense?

The Roman Catholic Church, the great Eastern and Western Orthodox churches, major Protestant denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention and the United Methodist Church have not started down this rocky moral road, nor do they seem ready to embrace pan-sexuality, now or ever. To do so would see their own denominations begin to collapse, more slowly than TEC, which has recently lost more than 100,000 members, most of whom have joined together to form an orthodox Anglican province on US soil.

The slippery slope is being travelled with greater velocity.

The Archbishop of Canterbury watched with dismay and expressed his “regret” at the passage of the actions taken by TEC. While he is powerless to act in any judicial or ecclesiastical manner, the language he used was so restrained as to appear weak and ineffectual.

The truth is that Williams’ Affirming Catholicism is more in sync with the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops than it is with orthodox Anglicans. The question that is now being asked with greater frequency is, Where is the Anglican Communion going?

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