General Convention Day 2

Report from the AAC


American Anglican Council

Organizing for Business: Resolutions of Concern/Interest

was a day for all of the legislative committees to meet and convene
themselves for business. A surprising number of important resolutions
were discussed in committees today, rather than being deferred to the
last days of General Convention and a rush to judgment as in previous
General Conventions. The American Anglican Council is seeking to
monitor the progress of some 70 resolutions of concern/interest across
all of the legislative committees. Below you will find a brief summary
of action on some of those resolutions:

Resolution/Committee Description

Social and Urban Affairs

Pastoral Generosity in Extending Blessing of Civil Marriage to Same-Sex Couples: This
resolution was referred by the committee to the chancellor of the House
of Deputies for review of potential canonical problems.
B013/Education Equipping the baptized for ministry: Still in committee discussion.
A074/Ecumenical Interfaith Dialogue: Still in committee discussion.
A185/Canons Revision of Title IV – Ecclesiastical Discipline: Significant
issues have been raised within the committee concerning the
resolution’s proposed removal of procedural safeguards and burdens of
proof in clergy discipline processes.

A069/Stewardship and Development Allocate $5 million to help raise $250 million for TEC program budget: The
resolution was unanimously supported by the committee and sent to the
House of Bishops. The House of Bishops also adopted the resolution
unanimiously. It now awaits passage by the House of Deputies.
A114/Stewardship and Development Proposes increasing diocesan assessment by 1% each year in order to provide $5 million for A069: The resolution was discharged which means that the $5 million for A069 must come from another source.
C001/World Mission Adding gender identity and expression as protected categories for purposes of ordination: Still in committee discussion.

Stewardship and Development

Litigation expense disclosure: After lively discussion, the committee voted to refer this resolution to the Standing Committee on Stewardship for further study. That committee will report back to General Convention in 2012.
C014/Education Revision of Theology of Marriage: Still in committee discussion.

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