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Church of England Newspaper July 3

So why should anyone support FCA and why should it be launched now? Firstly, it’s a way of supporting Anglicans in North America who are struggling to remain Anglican in very difficult circumstances.

Secondly, it’s a direct link to the Global South provinces.

Thirdly, this is hardly a time to be wringing your hands about who you want to mix with. The urgent need is to be organised now, not leave it far too late, as it was in America.

For myself, the Rubicon was crossed in the Church of England when the Bishops’ guidelines accepted civil partnerships among clergy. Despite the pretence that these conformed to the 1991 document Issues in Human Sexuality, it opened the door to the acceptance of non- marital sexual relationships. While these had been anomalous before hand, their acceptance meant that the teaching of the Church of England was now muddied and confused.

Fourthly, liberal Anglicans are lobbying the government through measures such as the Equalities Bill to ensure that the exemptions previously guaranteed to the churches are narrowed dangerously. Freedom of speech, freedom to employ those who conform to the teaching of the church in key positions, could be affected. In opposing efforts such as these, the FCA will be working with the church’s leadership, not adopting an outside strategy.

So why FCA, and why now? In the American Church too little was done by conservatives, much too late. Sniffily holding the FCA at arm’s length, as Fulcrum seems to want to do, is to repeat the mistakes made by Americans.

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