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MINNESOTA: Episcopal Bishop Nominees Include Leading Church Lesbian

By David W Virtue, Virtueonline

The Rev. Bonnie Perry, a homosexual in a “partnered” relationship, is one of three nominees to be the next Bishop of Minnesota replacing the retiring Bishop James Jelinek.

The Diocese of Minnesota has clearly heard the siren call of the recently passed Resolution D025 at GC2009. Perry was one of two out gay individuals for nominee for bishop of California in 2006.

Perry is the rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Chicago and has been in a partnered lesbian relationship for 22 years with the Rev. Susan Harlow. She has been at All Saints’ since 1992.

Integrity officials immediately applauded the nominations for Diocese of Minnesota calling the slate of qualified candidates “stellar.”    Read more ……..

LOS ANGELES: Episcopal Bishop Nominees Include Homosexual and Lesbian Rectors

The Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool, canon to the bishops in the Baltimore-based Diocese of Maryland and a lesbian, is one of six candidates seeking nomination as the next Bishop Suffragan for the Diocese of Los Angeles.

In her resume to the diocese, she says that she met her “life partner” Becki Sander in Boston when she was studying for a dual degree in theology and social work. They have been together since 1988.

A second candidate, The Rev. John L. Kirkley, rector of St. John the Evangelist Church in San Francisco in the Diocese of California, states he has been “married” to his “husband” Andrew Aldrich for 15 years. They are parents of an eleven year-old son, Nehemiah.

The other candidates are: The Rev. Canon Diane M. Jardine Bruce, rector, St. Clement’s by-the-Sea Church in San Clemente, California is married (to a man); The Rev. Zelda M. Kennedy, senior associate for pastoral care and spiritual growth, All Saints Church in Pasadena, California, was born in 1947 and is a widow with one daughter. The Rev. Silvestre E. Romero, rector, St Philip’s Church in San Jose, California (Diocese of El Camino Real); is married to Thelma; and The Rev. Irineo Martir Vasquez, vicar, St. George’s Church is married to Elena.

According to a press release from the Diocese of Los Angeles, fifty-one priests were nominated during the six-week nomination period ending on May 15. Twenty submitted applications consisting of answers to written questions and sample sermons.

The Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, held one-on-one meetings with the nominees whom the committee selected and then notified the committee that he would consider it a blessing to work with any of the six.

“I affirm each and every one of these candidates, and I am pleased with the wide diversity they offer this Diocese,” Bishop Bruno said in a statement.  Read more ……..

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