frgavin on August 26th, 2009

The motion passed at the Synod in Cape Town August 2009 is why!!!!!

This Synod:    Affirming a pastoral response to same-sex partnerships of faithful commitment in our parish families;

Please Read Motion on Archbishops Blog. (

then my dear friends please read the entire article Posted in Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA)

Especially the

Nightmare: ……so that within twenty, or maybe only ten years, it becomes virtually impossible for orthodox Christians to be ordained: either because the hierarchy will not accept them or because their consciences will not allow them to join such a compromised body. As a result gospel witness in the Anglican churches will be gradually extinguished, making it that much harder to evangelise our nations

And the

And the dream:……. My dream is of a strong, united renewal movement of orthodox Anglicans whom God will use to stem the tide of heresy in our churches and to move out in mission to the world. Today’s launch of the FCA

Committed to: Truth, Breadth, Grace, Prayer and Action

A speech given by Vaughan Roberts at the launch of FCA UK and Ireland 6/7/2009

I am not a prophet so I cannot tell what the future holds for the Anglican churches in our islands. As I look ahead I see two possible contrasting scenarios: a nightmare and a dream.

A Nightmare…………….

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