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By David W. Virtue in Puerto Rico

Certain Anglican Communion leaders want us to listen to the pain (read whine) of homosexuals, and it is being done, indeed now mandated under the alleged guise of objectivity called the “Listening Process” funded and paid for by a retired Episcopal priest from the diocese of Southeast Florida, who donated $1.5 million to fund the entire project through 2011.

But a psychologist, teacher and former university professor of psychology, who spoke to VOL proffered a different and perhaps deeper perspective on the Listening Process that has nothing to do directly with money or sex.

It is this. The process of “listening” has everything to do with what he called “systematic desensitization” that is, the process of dealing with peoples’ alleged phobias, breaking down their resistance, thus changing peoples’ minds and their values towards those who are afflicted with same sex attractions. The process is designed to first generate sympathy then empathy and finally acceptance.

This technique was first revealed by the now deceased Dr. Joseph Wolpe (1915 – 1997). Wolpe was a South African psychiatrist, born into a Jewish family from Johannesburg who later settled in the United States. He is best known for developing what is now called “systematic desensitization.” Systematic desensitization involves the imaginary exposure to a feared stimulus while simultaneously applying relaxation. Along with Arnold Lazarus, he is considered one of the fathers of behavior therapy. One of his best-known books is The Practice of Behavior Therapy (4th Ed in 1991).

Wolpe came up with the concept now known as desensitization, reasoning that much of our behavior, both good and bad, is learned, and there is, therefore, no reason why it could not be unlearned.

Here is how it works in The Episcopal Church. It was the practice of former Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold at general conventions to have Bishop Gene Robinson, The Episcopal Church’s first outed homosexual bishop, sit with orthodox bishops in small groups in an effort to humanize Robinson to his would be detractors thus attempting to break down their defenses so they would first accept him as human (was there any doubt), then his sexual orientation and finally his need to live it out because that is the way God made him, or “I was born that way.”

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