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By David W. Virtue in Plano
February 23, 2010

When the Rev. David Roseberry first heard about ACNA Archbishop Robert Duncan’s call to plant 1000 churches in five years, it blew him away. “I called and asked Bob, are you serious? The answer was yes.

Now after two days of intensive testimony, strategizing and listening to stories of how it can be done, the next question is, where to from here as an Anglican 1000 movement?

“Seeing this 2-day summit in the context of the last dozen or so years, I think this event signaled the end of the beginning. The next chapter is about moving forward in mission,” said Roseberry.

“We heard a certain trumpet that resonated in the hearts of many people,” said Roseberry, rector of Christ Church, Plano, at one time the largest parish in the Episcopal Church. It is now linked with the Rwanda-based Anglican Mission in the Americas.

What it meant as leaders to pull it altogether so that the ACNA and other jurisdictional groupings might achieve their goal can be found along the lines of Nehemiah’s calling, says the 54-year old pastor whose son Jed is one of the young church planters. There’s pride in his voice as he listens to his son tell of his own church planting experience.

“The Episcopal Church has left us, we have dusted ourselves off and moved on; they are in our rear view mirror. We have the energy and the resources. We are about rebuilding the walls. The Book of Nehemiah is analogously true of our life today,” he argues. Heads nod.

Roseberry admitted to initial skepticism. “I couldn’t see how the jurisdictions and groupings could fit together. Things like this happen in war time but what about peace? We are charting a new course and we ask how do Anglo-Catholics, evangelicals and charismatics fit together, how do ancient traditions and young people fit? How do Forward in Faith, the AMIA, Bolivia groups and Uganda fit together?

Roseberry said that after readingthe Book of Nehemiah, it all fell into place. “When Nehemiah started to rebuild the walls, he started with the gates, and the walls later would connect the gates.

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