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Bishop Henry ScrivenOXFORD: Reflections on Synod vote for C of E to be in Communion with the ACNA

By Bishop Henry Scriven
Special to Virtueonline
February 7, 2010

Though I am quoted as one of the examples in the current debate, I am not a primary player. I went to Pittsburgh, with the enthusiastic encouragement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in 2002 as Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Pittsburgh (but of course, canonically, as Assistant to Bishop Bob Duncan). I resigned from the House of Bishops when I knew I was to return to England as Mission Director for South America with SAMS and CMS.

What I wrote to the Presiding Bishop and how she replied are a matter of public record and being interpreted differently by different people. All I can say was that at no point did I renounce my orders and I do not believe that the Presiding Bishop has the right to receive the renunciation of my orders if I never gave it to her. That she treated Bishops Jack Iker and William Wantland in the same way (and their clear refutations are a matter of public record) makes me proud to be in their company.

I think it is very important for members of the Church of England to know that the Pittsburgh diocese is made up of very faithful and loyal Anglicans – by anyone’s definition. These are priests (male and female) and laity who are students of scripture, faithful in daily prayer, the vast majority with spiritual directors. Read the rest of this entry »

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