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There have been further additions and amendments to our originally published list of 404 priests and deacons, so we are re-posting it here.  We encourage our brothers and sisters in the US to keep us up to date.

The Rev. Foley T. Beach (July 2004)
The Rev. Garland L. Watts, Jr. (July 2004)

The Rev. Mark Hansen (Jan. 2006)
Father allyn Benedict
Father Bryan Bywater

East Carolina
The Rev. Alfred Marie Moncla (Jan. 2008)
The Rev. Fredericka A. Steenstra (July 2007)
Deacon Aldo Erazo (June 2006)

Eastern Michigan
Rev. Steve Dewey (Aug 2005
The Rev. Gene Geromel (Aug. 2005)
Rev. David G Kulchar (Aug 2005)

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