Phil Ashley: Introduction to “Communion Governance

AAC The American Anglican Council is pleased to release “Communion Governance: The Role and Future of the Historic Episcopate and the Anglican Communion Covenant,” by the Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University. His essay is characterized by meticulous research into the history of Communion Governance, the history of the role of bishops meeting in council together at Lambeth and through the Primates’ Meetings, the history of other Instruments of governance (such as the Anglican Consultative Council), and the relative merits of three different models of governance: pure autonomy, executive bureaucracy (with an enhanced role for the See of Canterbury), and the conciliar authority of bishops. Noll reaches the following conclusions with regard to the Anglican Communion Covenant:

  1. The conclusion of this essay is that the one matter of principle that cannot be abandoned without abandoning our particular catholic and Anglican heritage is the responsibility of the ordained and bishops in council in particular, to rule and adjudicate matters of Communion doctrine and discipline.  Read here

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