This is a new Sinai, said Emmanuel Kolini

By David W. Virtue in Singapore
April 20, 2010

The Archbishop of Rwanda, the Most Rev. Emmanuel Kolini today called for a new Anglican Ecumenical Council, modeled on the Councils of the Early Church with a constitution taken from the ancient apostolic canons (35 & 38) on how a council should function.

“At this critical time in the life of the Anglican Communion we, the Global South, seek to form a functional movement actively loyal to the historic faith, God’s calling and mission of all Anglicans,” said Kolini in an address to some 130 delegates to the Fourth Global South to South Encounter.

While drawing back from calling for a full separation from the Anglican Communion led by Dr. Rowan Williams the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rwandan archbishop said that a new General Assembly should be formed and should be led by a Primates’ Council in accord with a representative General Assembly.

The retiring African Anglican Primate is the second archbishop to call for new structures in the Anglican Communion, believing that the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in Canada are heretical because they have stepped over the line in faith and morals and should no longer be considered part of, or having a voice in the affairs of the Anglican Communion. Middle East Archbishop Mouneer Anis yesterday called for the formation of a new Anglican Communion arguing that the Anglican Communion is dysfunctional, at war with itself and that a new structure is needed for a new communion.

“The Global South should be reconstituted to include all member churches and Dioceses that assent to the Anglican Covenant, and express formal commitment to the Resolution 1.10 of Lambeth 1998, and an agreed statement focusing our aims and strengthening mutual loyalty,” said Kolini in a prepared text.

The African Primate proposed a Primates’ Council representing all participating members churches would serve as the governing body which would discuss and decide matter s of faith and order, encouragement to mission in submission to the sovereign authority of Holy Scripture in loyalty to the Anglican tradition and formularies. An ad hoc design group would be responsible for formulating a constitution.

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