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A number of us have long been tracking this development, of which official advocacy organizations like Changing Attitude and now, Greenbelt, in this country and the Andrew Marin Foundation in the US continue to appear oblivious. At the very least, their public awareness of  and response to these other ‘orientations’ is studiously avoided.  People are not ready for it yet!

Gene Robinson is perhaps the first publicly to let the cat out of the bag in his comment about how there were so many other sexualities (than the LGBT) ‘to be explored’.  See the post of 26th March 2010 here.  Well, this news will be welcomed by Gene, if by no one else (yet). And from acceptance and affirmation the next step is legal protection and promotion to the next generation via ‘safe’ sex ‘education’.  A Unit on ‘Teaching SMBD — with whips and chains and needles — ‘Safely’” gives you an idea of what is involved here.  Please browse Susan Wright’s site if you doubt me.

Psychiatrists mull Changes to Sexual Definitions Kim Trobee of CitizenLink

Pro-family groups are concerned about the American Psychiatric Association’s plans to change its manual that helps doctors diagnose mental illness.

The public comment period for the changes to the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is drawing to a close.  The APA has proposed softening the status of some of the sexual classifications.

Susan Wright, spokeswoman with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, said her organization is eager to see changes made concerning sexual issues such as cross-dressing and fetishes. Read the rest of this entry »

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