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Consistent with the Diocesan Bishop’s vote in favour of Resolution 1.10 on human sexuality at the Conference of Lambeth, 1998;  Consistent with the “Recife Statement” document produced by the Bishop and the Diocesan Council as a manifestation against the consecration of gay Bishop Gene Robinson; Consistent with Diocesan Canon Law;  Consistent with teaching emanating from the Holy Scriptures and understood by the Consensus of the Faithful;

In view of the lamentable unrepentant stance of the Episcopal Church (TEC), its refusal to recognize the appeals of the Instruments of the Communion and its disregard for the Anglican Communion as a collective body – a de facto rupture was today further deepened with the consecration of a practicing Lesbian, Rev. Mary Douglas Glasspool as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Los Angeles – an event supported by the liberal minority, even in Brazil:

The Diocese of Recife reaffirms its most vehement condemnation of the said consecration and aligns itself with orthodox Anglican currents by demanding an urgent meeting of the Primates, the non-presence of TEC representatives in official organs of the Anglican Communion, support for the minority faithful to the Word of God who continue within TEC, and the recognition of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a legitimate Anglican Province.

Realignment continues in the Anglican Communion and we continue in obedience to the missionary mandate given us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, affirming sound doctrine and sound ethics, the legacy of the apostolic tradition.

Facts, like these, sadden us, but do not cause us to despair.

Olinda (PE), 15th, May, 2010,
Anno Domini.

+Right Rev Robinson Cavalcanti, ose
Bishop of the Diocese of Recife

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