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God’s self-consistency. Scripture has several ways of drawing attention to God’s self-consistency, and in particular of emphasizing that when he is obliged to judge sinners, he does it because he must, if he is to remain true to himself. — From “The Cross of Christ” John R.W. Stott

God is light. Of the statements about the essential being of God, none is more comprehensive than *God is light*. It is his nature to reveal himself, as it is the property of light to shine; and the revelation is of perfect purity and unutterable majesty. We are to think of God as a personal being, infinite in all his perfections, transcendent, ‘the high and lofty One … he who lives forever, whose name is holy’ (Is. 57:15), yet who desires to be known and has revealed himself. — John R. W. Stott

A Christ-centered faith. It is true that the Christian faith is a Trinitarian faith. We believe in God as Creator, Sustainer and Father. We also believe in the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of truth who spoke through the prophets and apostles, and who sanctifies the people of God. But above all our testimony is directed to Jesus Christ, Son of the Father and giver of the Spirit, who was conceived and born, suffered, and was crucified, died, was buried, and went to the dead, rose again, ascended, reigns and will come back to judge. The disproportion of clauses in the Apostles’ Creed clearly exhibits the Christ-centered nature of the Christian faith; it contains only three relating to the work of the Spirit, but thirteen which speak of the Son. — From “The Authentic Jesus” John R.W. Stott

Seeking God. We must cast aside apathy, pride, prejudice and sin, and seek God in scorn of the consequences. Of all these hindrances to effective search the last two are the hardest to overcome, intellectual prejudice and moral self-will. Both are expressions of fear, and fear is the greatest enemy of the truth. Fear paralyses our search. We know that to find God and to accept Jesus Christ would be a very inconvenient experience. It would involve the rethinking of our whole outlook on life and the readjustment of our whole manner of life. And it is a combination of intellectual and moral cowardice which makes us hesitate. We do not find because we do not seek. We do not seek because we do not want to find, and we know that the way to be certain of not finding is not to seek. — From “Basic Christianity” John R.W. Stott

Dear Brothers and Sisters
April 30, 2010

What took place in Singapore this past week at the Fourth Global South to South Encounter has forever changed the landscape of the Anglican Communion.

With ringing clarity, 130 archbishops, bishops, clergy and laity spoke with one voice declaring that the gospel is true and that they will have nothing more to do with the sexual innovations of the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Church in Canada.

They said the Covenant might have some “futuristic” place in the Communion, but not right now. One Primate called for an Ecumenical Council to resolve once and for all what it is we Anglicans believe.

It was a defining moment in Anglican history. I have written and posted some 32 stories from this historic event. They can be found in a single assembled link at VOL’s website Most can be found in today’s digest. Please feel free to roam through the stories at your leisure.

From the perspective of a reporter, the 44 hours in the air, the long days and sleepless nights were worth it all for the contacts made and in meeting the archbishops of the Global South, most of whom have become my friends over the years and whose friendships I solidified in Singapore.

The ringing call of the transforming love of Christ found in the life-changing message of the gospel was both clarifying and gratifying. There will be no more engagement with Western pansexual provinces pushing these abominable (LGBTQ) ad nauseum behaviors. They are done talking. An invitation to attend the All African Bishops Conference in Kampala in August, both as a reporter and a delegate, was a fulfilling moment for me personally. I am honored by their invitation and trust.

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