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By Matt Kennedy, Stand Firm

(Clip) my focus has been arrested by a rhetorical tactic that seems particularly characteristic of conservative Episcopalian bishops (with notable exceptions).

Describing their differences with revisionists to the people in their dioceses, these bishops will write something like this:

“I personally believe that the bible/tradition does not permit same sex blessings and/or the consecration of non-celibate homosexuals to holy orders and so I will not allow same sex blessings in this diocese. At the same time I recognize that many sincere Episcopalians disagree with my position and I am well aware that there are many faithful people in this diocese who either struggle with questions of with sexual identity or who live in committed relationships with partners of the same sex. I am committed to engaging in conversation with my brothers and sisters who disagree with me on these matters and to be your bishop/pastor despite our differences.”

That was not taken from any real letter but was rather an imaginary example cobbled up from my own experience reading many such letters.

The aim seems to be twofold: 1. To honestly express ones own opinion on the matter of human sexuality and 2. To reduce the necessity for true conflict between those who differ on the question by acknowledging the sincerity and faithfulness of both positions.

Here is a real example of such a letter from the Bishop of Northern Indiana:  Read here

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