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Press Release:  The Rev. Todd H. Wetzel, Executive Director of Anglicans United & Latimer Press

Let’s be honest:  yesterday’s consecration of Canon Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles sealed the separation of TEC from the overwhelming majority within the Anglican Communion and signaled increasing fragmentation in the Communion: proof that Gene Robinson’s consecration in 2003 was not an aberration, but a clear indication of the determined direction of The Episcopal Church (TEC).

As the Anglican Communion moved towards a more conscious and clearly defined commitment to Biblical authority and the conciliary tradition of the Church Catholic, TEC moved in the opposite direction.  As the Anglican Communion moved towards increasing collegiality and interdependence, TEC moved (albeit with few other Western allies) to affirm greater independence.  While the public rhetoric of the Episcopal Church continually affirmed their care and consideration for the rest of the Communion, the actions of this insular body made those statements empty sentiment.

The desires of the Communion, especially those of the Global South, who find themselves dealing with multiculturalism and open hostility from Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, are treated with disdain.  No “bonds of mutual affection” here!

A significant portion of the once proud but poorly defined “Anglican Communion” may well emerge from this crisis stronger and more clearly organized.  TEC’s hypocritical nonsense about unity has been sacrificed in their obdurate affirmation of a “new revelation” from the spirit (of the age).  Maybe it’s about time.

You can’t build substantive Communion on any other basis than unity on the essentials.  Biblical ethics are clearly essential, as is Biblical and historical theology.  TEC is now inextricably bound to the spirit of the age in this generation.   She will find herself widowed in the next. The American Episcopal Church is now headed for the ash heap of heterodoxy– severed and isolated from historic and orthodox Christianity.

While the crowd cheered at Gene and Mary’s consecrations, Heaven wept.  And the rest of the Communion looked on in shame.

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