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CEN  20 May   HUMAN RIGHTS campaigner Peter Tatchell has defended the decision by Greenbelt to ask him to speak at the festival, following criticism by Anglican Mainstream that this could be dangerous for vulnerable children. Mr Tatchell said: “The suggestion that my guest lecture at this year’s Greenbelt festival will leave children vulnerable to sexual abuse is an outrageous slur, wholly unbecoming a Christian.”   [Image:  Greenbelt 08, Stephen Sizer]

Dr Lisa Nolland, a consultant at Anglican Mainstream who made the recent criticism, claimed the Greenbelt organisers were irresponsible not to provide another speaker who could balance the impact of Mr Tatchell. She said: “Mr Tatchell articulates and advances an increasingly popular sexual smorgasbord ethic which includes a strong sexual liberation component.  Cohabitation, ‘open relationships’, promiscuity, the legal right to cruise (have sex in public places), and lowering the age of consent to 14 all appear to be legitimate and acceptable sexual options and views.” Read the rest of this entry »

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