frgavin on May 5th, 2010

Thought that some of my readers would like a tiny handle on the David Virtue I so often reference on this site.  So here is a very brief bio I found on the web.  Besides this I know him as a friend and trust his opinions.

Fr Gavin

May 5 2010

David W. Virtue is a theologically trained journalist and a pioneer in Internet journalism. He has been a newspaper reporter and editor in New Zealand, Canada and The United States for the Dominion news­paper, The Van­couver PROVINCE and the Virginia Church­man. He has also written for Christianity Today, Touch­stone Mag­­­azine and The Christian Challenge to name only a few.

David studied theol­ogy in London, Chi­cago and Van­couver, and has worked for a number of large non-profit organi­zations includ­ing World Vision Inter­na­tional, The American Bible Soc­iety and American Lep­rosy Missions. He has traveled extensively through­out the Two-Thirds World meeting leaders of the Global South and building relationships with bishops and lead­ers throughout the Anglican Church. David’s expert reporting, orthodox theological education, and large network of contacts have made VirtueOnline the world leader in Anglican news.

He is the author of three books on social justice and evangelism: A Flame for Justice, the Life of Caesar Molebatsi of Soweto, South Africa; A Vision of Hope, the Life of Samuel Habib of Egypt; and Good and Right in the Eyes of God, The truth about Homosexuality (co-authored with Dr. Earle Fox) and is presently completing a Memoir on the life of Malcolm Muggeridge.

David has been writing about Anglican issues for more than two decades and attended and reported on the 1998 and 2008 Lambeth conferences in Canterbury, England as well as the 2008 GAFCON conference. He has lectured on “Christianity and Culture” as well as journalism and has traveled extensively throughout the world, especially the Middle East, writing on matters of religious concern.

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