frgavin on June 23rd, 2010

If the Pastor is the Steve Moreo I know, I am not surprised at the warm and joyful congregation.

BBC Paul Fletcher reports:

World Cup 2010: Pretoria

The Sunday morning service at the Holy Cross Anglican church in the township of Soweto was in full swing when I sheepishly appeared at the door.

I had been drawn in by the sound of singing, whooping and laughter (but no vuvuzelas) – and could not resist investigating.

I was immediately struck by the sight of a smiling, happy congregation who genuinely looked to be having a wonderful time. Moments later an old man dressed in his Sunday best appeared and invited me to join the procession working its way along the centre aisle towards the altar.

My attempts to politely refuse fell on deaf ears and I suddenly became a small part of a service that was vibrant and uplifting.

It was Father’s Day and all the dads in the church headed to the front before Reverend Steve Moreo spoke to his congregation.

“All men can make babies, but not all men can make fathers,” was one pearl of wisdom that met with huge approval.

My young son is 5,617 miles away in England and although I am not a religious man, to feel part of something so welcoming and inclusive on my first Father’s Day almost brought a tear to my eye.

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