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I learned much about life while playing fraternity football in the inter-fraternity league at the University of Maryland many years ago. I learned never to take my eyes off of the football, even while we were in the huddle, for the ball could be moved against us either by players on the opposing team or because of bad or malicious officiating.

Now, when I attend my grandchildren’s soccer games, occasionally a stray soccer ball will careen across the field from somewhere else. It is important for the players to know which soccer ball is theirs, and to leave the other one alone. In today’s world setting, there are seemingly many footballs or soccer balls on the field, and many of them are quite important and significant. It is often hard to know which one to pay the most attention to, and which ones to leave for others to cover.

Regarding our life in Christ lived out in both the Anglican Communion and for some of us, in the United States, there are several issues that are critical, and some of us need to be working on each of them as we are called. The first issue is holy worship done well, in a manner that glorifies God, and where men, women and children feel they are brought into the nearer presence of Almighty God, and are fed and nurtured from that encounter. The second issue is that the Gospel is preached and lived in such a way that men, women and children are desirous of accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior and their Sovereign Lord, and then can grow in that faith, experiencing the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit day by day.

Where these issues are in play in the Anglican setting touches on the new teachings and beliefs of many American Episcopal Church (TEC) leaders and the Presiding Bishop, where Jesus is a way, a savior, but there are many ways to God. In Episcopal and Anglican Church settings, the historic Gospel is in combat with the heretical Polytheism of the “many ways to God” belief of TEC leaders.

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