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Bishop Barry Clarke [right] is pressing ahead with a liturgy to bless same-sex unions in spite of the fact that General Synod in Halifax made no decision on the local option for or against. This rather confirms my suspicion that Synod’s indecision will be seen as a green light by dioceses that wish to proceed with same-sex blessings: in effect, the decision has been delegated down in an attempt to circumvent disagreeable sanctions from Canterbury. From the Montreal Anglican, page 1:

In response to a request from the Diocese of Montreal Synod in the fall of 2007, reaffirmed the next year, Bishop Barry Clarke has approved a liturgy for the blessing of previously solemnized civil marriages, tacitly including ones between same-sex couples.

He presented copies of the liturgy at the May meeting of the Diocesan Council. While the liturgy is already available in French and English, the bishop said that on his return from the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada in Halifax in June he would be writing to clergy and parishes to explain the process. The liturgy is adapted from the Book of Occasional Celebrations produced by the General Synod of the national church in 1992.

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