Without God, All Things are Permissible

Peter Jones writes:

Marxists state that “everything is political.” While incorrectly emphasizing the political, they rightly see that everything in human experience is related in some way to everything else.

The implications of this logic are becoming obvious in the contemporary United States. The religious beliefs of the original founders about the nature of reality determined the political and legal structures they created. Now, a different kind of spirituality seeks to change those documents to correspond with its very different “religious” view of reality.

Classic constitutionalism explicitly affirms that rights do not come from government but from man’s Creator. The Declaration of Independence gives the spirit in which the Constitution is to be understood: “…all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights…”

Contemporary conservatism, based on this “founding” thinking, while far from understanding the true nature of Christianity and the personal nature of God as Redeemer, does understand some elements of the “two-istic” character of the universe when it affirms a timeless transcendent moral order to which society must try to conform.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821–81), the Russian novelist and philosopher, saw the importance of God for the preservation of livable, humane existence: “If there is no God,” he noted, “all things are permissible.” Contemporary progressive spirituality, which worships the “god within,” will inevitably produce conditions in which “might makes right.” If Nature is god, and Man is god, then the State is god, and Caesar is Lord.

Contemporary One-ists realize the two-ist nature of the founding documents, so they must alter the Constitution by first altering people’s perception about the nature of reality.

Since the Sixties, Western intellectuals, rejecting the Father/Creator of Judeo-Christian culture (referenced in the Founding documents) have been going East to discover “the god within.” They also found a soul brother in the Western liberation of sexuality and gender. This East/West mix has become the orthodoxy of today’s ruling elite—evolutionary human perfectibility via pan-sexualism, interfaith religion, feminist egalitarianism, and personal mysticism. Needless to say, this vision is radically changing the institutions dear to the Founders—the family, the military, education and constitutional theory.

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