You Can Fool Some of the Christians Some of the Time…

Bill Muehlenberg writes:

Both the Labor Party and the Greens are seeking to win Christian votes by claiming to be the real deal in the faith stakes. Julia Gillard did an interview with the Australian Christian Lobby seeking to convince gullible believers that even an atheist like her would be good news for the faith community.

Since she came into power, having taken over from the assassinated Kevin Rudd, the ACL has done a second round of talks to get her version of events. There are a few problems here however. The most important moral issue of our time is not climate change, as Kevin Rudd foolishly claimed, but abortion.

Yet for some odd reason abortion did not seem to be on the list of questions directly asked of Julia, or of Kevin and Tony earlier on. This seems to be quite an oversight indeed. Perhaps no other issue is so paramount and so vital to biblical Christianity that the war against the unborn.

Gillard did make some Christian overtures, such as on chaplaincy funding. But what she did not tell the ACL was that the whole policy is up for review by Labor at the end of next year, and that as Education Minister she said she wanted the whole program to be secularised.

But as I have documented earlier, Julia is seeking to distance herself from her atheist and socialist past, and make herself look like she is mainstream and a centrist. So she is willing to say and do anything to increase her election chances.

But it is the Greens that really take the cake for trying to dupe the Christian voting bloc. Two recent pronouncements by the Greens show how they will go to any depths to deceive the public, seeking to get them to believe that the Greens are actually somehow a Christian party!

Greens leader Bob Brown for example tried to argue that he and his party are more Christian than Cardinal George Pell. I kid you not. He claimed for example that the majority of Christians support same-sex marriage, so Pell should get on board. I am not aware of any research documenting Christian majority support for SSM.

And even if the majority did, that simply would tell us most believers have rejected their own Bible for trendy social engineering agendas.

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