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The man who still loves empty fame or is attached to some material thing is the one who is offended at men for the sake of temporal goods, who bears them grudges or hate, who is a slave of shameful thoughts; to the God-loving soul all these things are foreign. — St. Maximus the Confessor, (c. 580-662)

An inherent authority. It is a basic tenet of the Christian religion that we believe what we believe not because human beings have invented it but because God has revealed it. In consequence, there is an authority inherent in Christianity which can never be destroyed –From I Believe in Preaching, Between Two Worlds. — John R.W. Stott

The Divine Self-Disclosure. Worship, faith and obedience. In the Bible God gives us revelations of himself which lead us to worship, promises of salvation which stimulate our faith, and commandments expressing his will which demand our obedience. This is the meaning of Christian discipleship. Its three essential ingredients are worship, faith and obedience. And all three are called forth by the Word of God. — From The Bible: Book for Today, John R.W. Stott

Dear Brothers and Sisters
October 1, 2010

The Archbishop of Canterbury once again tried to straddle the homosexual fence this past week declaring that he has “no problem” with gay bishops. However, the ABC also said he was not “positive” about them having relationships. While recognizing that he was simplifying the Church’s position, Dr Williams commented in an interview: “There’s no problem about a gay person who’s a bishop. It’s about the fact that there are traditionally, historically, standards that the clergy are expected to observe.”

Asked what was wrong with a homosexual bishop having a partner, he said: “I think because the scriptural and traditional approach to this doesn’t give much ground for being positive about it.”

He said the issue remains a particularly divisive one: “The Church at the moment doesn’t quite know what to make of it.”

He also stressed his role for religious unity, saying: “We actually need each other, however much we dislike each other.”

Once again, his comments pleased no one including the LGBTQ community who blasted Dr. Williams for not being declarative enough and causing more “pain” and “homophobia” in the church by not fully embracing them. Orthodox Anglicans were also not pleased by his stand.

Anglican Mainstream took the ABC to task saying that with respect to sexual behavior, that means honoring marriage between a man and a woman as the only acceptable context for sexual relations. Whilst presbyters, priests and bishops need to be above reproach, this teaching applies to all Christians. If we consider a parallel situation to that of a homosexual priest and a partner, namely that of a male priest setting up home with his woman partner, that household would not honor marriage, even if the relationship were celibate.

“That makes clear that in addition to the expectation that its ordained ministers will faithfully teach the faith revealed in Holy Scripture and set forth in the Catholic Creeds, the Church stresses the importance of the personal life and the order of the household of those called to ordained leadership.”

Anglican fudge is a characteristic of the archbishop’s thinking. It cannot continue indefinitely.

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