Church of Ireland to address the Covenant at its May General Synod

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First published in The Church of England Newspaper.

The proposed Anglican Covenant does not conflict with the formularies of the Church of Ireland, that church’s Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue has concluded.  The decision opens the way for the Church of Ireland to adopt the Covenant at its General Synod in May.

At a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Irish General Synod on Nov 16, the Bishop of Cashel & Ossory, the Rt. Rev. Michael Burrows reported the commission was “satisfied” the Anglican Covenant would not change the doctrines, formularies, and rituals of the Church of Ireland.

It would be “possible for the General Synod to be asked to adopt it by simple resolution,” Bishop Burrows said, rather than via an amendment of its constitution or articles.  The standing committee accepted the commission’s report and “agreed to move forward on that basis,” the church’s press office reported.

The standing committee also urged a church wide discussion of the covenant during the run up to the May general synod, to allow delegates an opportunity to review the document.

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