By Samantha Singson, C-Fam

NEW YORK, December 9 (C-FAM) Homosexual activists just launched a new “toolkit” which outlines methods to promote a controversial document which asserts that states have a legal obligation to fulfill “rights” to gay adoption, reproductive technologies and state-funded sex changes.
Drafted in 2007 by a select group of human rights “experts,” including UN special rapporteurs and UN treaty body members, the non-binding Yogyakarta Principles propose reinterpretions of long-established human rights to include special rights for homosexuals.
The Principles in effect downgrade traditional rights such as freedom of expression and religion stating where they conflict with “the rights of freedoms of persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.”
Proponents insist that the Yogyakarta Principles are not simply an ‘aspirational wish list’ and call the new toolkit a powerful advocacy document “that can equip the community to use international human rights law in the domestic sphere – otherwise there is this big divide between the worlds of international human rights law and grassroots advocacy.”
Claiming that “every successful legal challenge brought to the high court of any country since 2005 has involved some reference to the Yogyakarta Principles,” the new toolkit consists of an activist guide and a new website that track where activists have used them in court cases.
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