frgavin on December 21st, 2010

There has been great ‘celebration’ in gay world recently.  Yesterday was a significant day both in the US and the UK in terms of the active, aggressive promotion and embedding of LGBT rights in the public sphere.

This news strikes people differently.  Many are still caught up in the past, where gay-as-victim was the dominant narrative, and dreadful things happened to homosexual people. We deplore this, and support the right of all to get on living their lives peacefully.

However, what is presently occurring is taking the LGBT — and related — cause to a different and far more ominous place.  It is not a ‘live and let live’ approach, but an insistence now that all will promote LGBT rights in public or tacitly collude by keeping quiet.

My readers are perhaps aware of how other previously taboo behaviour/minorities are now out.   Of course they clamour for the same legitimacy as the LGBT, and why not?   They note the basis upon which the LGBT succeeded, believe theirs is the same, and respond with ‘me too!’

So, right now, we have the polyamorists and the polygamists up in Canada pushing for the right to engage in plural marriage, and those who engage in adult familial relationships (incest) are saying much the same both in the US and in Switzerland. See here and here.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as I have said countless times.

But how can one respond to the whole host of challenges mentioned above?   May I encourage you on two fronts?First is that of  prayer, and praying with like minds.  Asking God to show whom to pray with and what to pray for is becoming increasingly important; this is a supernatural issue as well, as we need the learn that ‘the battle is the Lord’s’. One of my favourite prayers is that God will bring good out of evil, that things will be seen for what they are, and that it will not be too late. In particular, prayers for the media are needed, that the truth will not remain hidden or be distorted, and that Christian leaders, groups and news sources will know how best to equip people to respond to today’s alarming challenges.

Secondly (and related to the first issue), may I suggest that one of the primay reasons the LGBT political agenda has done so well is because we refuse to discuss what is actually occurring in these lifestyles according to those who represent them publically and to thus evaluate in a more objective way the potential physical and psychological risks? See here and here for material from Terrence Higgins Trust, (the leading gay ‘health’ agency in the UK and beyond) [warning, graphic];  see here here here and here for information on how these sexual activites damage, both as part of a minority lifestyle or as experimented with by open-minded ‘straight’ kids and young adults.  If those of us who have concerns about the official promotion of gay and other alternative lifestyles do not discuss how it harms those involved, those on the other side of the ideological fence who have no such  scruples determine how the ordinary person views and understands these lifestyles.

Disturbing and difficult as it may be, these issues are not going away and we must confront them.

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