frgavin on January 17th, 2011

Dear Friends

Chris Sugden and Vinay Samuel at FCA conference 2010.

I am delighted to announce that Dr Chris Sugden (Secretary Anglican Mainstream International) and Dr Vinay Samuel (GAFCON Theological Team) are visiting South Africa from 22nd January to 2nd February this year.  We would like to use this opportunity host meetings around the country to answer questions about FCA and GAGCON as well as to share with you the vision for the teaching role that FCA could play in this province. We hope that these meetings will provide the opportunity for you to invite members of your church and members of the leadership team to have their questions about the role of FCA, not only here but also across the Anglican Communion, answered.

There is a need to clearly state our role since there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding of who and what the GAFCON – FCA movement is really about in this Province.


Western Cape:           Monday 24th January at 19.30 at ST Martins Church Bergvliet.

Gauteng:                     Tuesday 25th January at 19.30 at St Luke’s Church Orchards.

Durban:                      Wednesday 26th January at 19.30 at ST Agnes Church Kloof.

Port Elizabeth:           Thursday 27th January at 19.30 at Holy Trinity, The Hill.

Please make it a priority to attend one of these meetings and invite members of your church, especially the wardens and clergy to join you.  We also ask you to spread the invitation as widely as possible within the nearby parishes as.

I look forward to seeking many of you at one of these meetings.

May God bless you throughout this year as you seek to obediently serve Him in His church.

Gavin Mitchell

FCA Southern Africa

FCA Southern Africa

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