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From Cranmer

Following the discrimination conviction against Christian B&B proprietors Peter and Hazelmary Bull, another case is now being brought to the courts.

In March 2010, Michael Black and John Morgan were turned away from Swiss B&B in Cookham, Berkshire. It was the home of Susanne and Francis Wilkinson. Mrs Wilkinson politely told the couple: ‘It is against my convictions for two men to share a bed’, adding ‘this is my private home’.

But now, having seen the success of Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, and how suing Mr and Mrs Bull has enriched them to the tune of £3,600, Michael Black and John Morgan have decided to be upset.

Very upset, actually.

It’s taken nigh on a year, but so ‘shocked’ are they that they, too, are now intent on suing Christian B&B proprietors to ‘make sure people can’t break the sexual discrimination act and get away with it’.

All groups, of course, have their obnoxious extremists: Peter Tatchell has been the Gay Godfather for quite a few years, purposely ‘outing’ those who wished to remain private, and even clambering up the pulpit of Canterbury Cathedral, while the Archbishop was preaching, in order to protest against the Church of England’s ‘persecution’ of homosexuals by ‘Christian bigots‘.

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