frgavin on February 14th, 2011

Bishop Anderson writes:
American Anglican Council

Dearly Beloved in Christ,

Most of my readers are aware that the battles within the Anglican/Episcopal world are only a microcosm of the problems in the larger Christian world and the secular culture of the Western world. The words of Jesus when he said, “None come to the Father except through me,” were offensive in the first century Jewish and Greco-Roman world, and yet were the very words of life that men and women turned to in faith and discipline. The words were true both then and now, and offensive both then and now. The pressure to be “nice” and not “offend” anyone else’s beliefs has meant in our current time that many church leaders have backed off from the claims of Jesus. Jesus did say that those who deny him he will deny, but that judgment I leave for him.

It is not only recognition of the supremacy and personal atonement of Jesus Christ that is sliding in many areas of the Christian community, it is the discipline of life and the common-sense understanding of how to live which proceed from Christ’s lordship. Take marriage, for example: you are probably aware that I was one of the original signers of the Manhattan Declaration which upholds marriage as between one man and one woman in a lifelong faithful relationship. The element of our culture and yes, even of our Christian churches, that wishes to reshape the nature of pretty much everything to conform to their idea of who God may be, is at work trying to promote homosexual marriage within the churches. Already many Episcopal Church dioceses are experimenting with liturgies as they morph from blessing same-sex “unions” to full-fledged marriage.

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