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From AAC

[…]  The world of the church, the state, and morality in our society has certainly changed over my 40+ years in holy orders. The governments of several nations have seemingly turned against sound morality and embraced homosexuality as one of the “in” things to be protected, even promoted. At the same time, those who resist will be crushed legally, as we already see happening in the UK, where a Christian family who ran a bed and breakfast within their home wished to restrict couples sharing a room to those who were husband and wife. This obviously meant that they wouldn’t rent to unmarried heterosexual couples, nor would they rent to homosexual couples. The hand of the court struck them down, giving a huge award to the gay couple who filed suit and threatening bankruptcy to the Christian couple. May the hand of God vindicate them and come against those who would punish the righteous.

Now the English Parliament is preparing to consider changing the marriage and Civil Partnership rules. It is sometimes difficult for those of us “across the pond” to understand what is happening and what all the collateral effects might be when the British propose such laws. We have an excellent piece from the UK written by the Rev’d Peter Ould about the proposed changes, and I recommend your reading it.

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