Brian Hutt reports:

Writing in the National Review on Monday, the former Bishop of Rochester said David Cameron had been right to criticise the doctrine of multiculturalism in his recent speech at the Munich Security Conference.

In his first speech on terrorism, the Prime Minister had admitted to the failure of multiculturalism and said that young Muslims needed a far stronger British identity to stop them turning to extremism. He also criticised the “hands-off tolerance” which had hitherto left extremist ideologies and practices unchallenged.

Mr Nazir-Ali, originally from Pakistan, said multiculturalism had created “segregated communities” that were “fertile” for extremists.

He said: “The reason multiculturalism came to be invented was the loss of public discourse rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is this discourse, and the making of moral and political decisions in its light, that needs to be recovered.”

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