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By David Virtue, VOL

A priest with the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has been defrocked by his bishop, Merwyn Castle, on the recommendation of an ecclesiastical tribunal because he brought “the church into scandal and disrepute”. He did this by questioning the sexual standards of his church and bringing to light multiple cases of homosexual abuse by priests with young men going back to the 70s. Castle is the bishop of the Diocese of False Bay. The tribunal was chaired by Peter Lee, Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King, near Johannesburg in Gauteng province.

The Rev. Clifford Felix, 55, an Anglo-Catholic, married with two children says there has been decades of sexual abuse in Anglican dioceses in Southern Africa. In 1975, a man whom he later learned was a priest abused him. “I wanted his name. I saw no future without forgiveness.”

Fr. Felix said many of the young men who have been abused are now priests who have become champions of their abusers. They can now be found in the highest levels of the church.

Felix says the worst abuser was the Rev. David Daniels who was at the center of a ring of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Cape Town. He is now deceased. He said Daniels sodomized many young minors including a young man by the name of the Rev. Ron Phillips. This man is now Felix’s accuser. Felix also accused another priest, the late Maurice Brunsdan of multiple sexual abuses. They were not able to blend in as discreet smooth operators like the others, said Felix. “”They were transferred and shunned because they caused scandal.”

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