February 2011

By Andrew Hough and Tom Whitehead, Telegraph

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe was dismissed from his role on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs on the grounds that he had failed to inform officials about his views on homosexuality.

The Manchester family GP, who is said to take a hard line against cannabis, said he had been “sacrificed on the altar of political correctness”. Drugs campaigners also said they were appalled at the decision.

The Home Office confirmed Dr Raabe, who was appointed to the ACMD by James Brokenshire, drugs minister, had been dismissed. Officials will on Monday confirm he will not continue with the unpaid, three-year post and recruiting for a new adviser will begin shortly.

Sources said he had been sacked after not “disclosing” his 2005 paper, which had linked homosexuality to child sex offences, during interviews for the role.

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