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From Chelmsford FCA

MEDIA RELEASE Issued on: 25th February 2011

The results of a survey carried out by Changing Attitude Sussex and the Brighton and Hove Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement among the churches in the Deaneries of Brighton and Hove in the Diocese of Chichester have now been published. They show an overwhelming number of churches welcome LGBT*people as members of congrgations.

rchdeacon Douglas McKittrick speaking for the Diocese said, “We are grateful to all those who have carried out this survey and to all those who took an active part. This survey was part of that listening process commended to all in the Anglican Communion by the 1998 Lambeth Conference. These results show that the Church takes its pastoral responsibilities to everyone in their parishes seriously, and expresses how the parishes of Brighton and Hove area respond positively to the high proportion of people in LGBT relationships in the area.

It has been a valuable exercise which will encourage an ongoing process of further listening and engagement in the Church.”

* LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender

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