frgavin on March 29th, 2011

March 29th, 2011

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The Archbishop of the Sudan, the Most Rev Dr Daniel Deng Bul, met with members of the Manna Microfinance team in preparation for the launch on Tuesday March 29.

Left to right: Mr Milton Devadasan (Co-ordinator, Bridge Foundation India), Archbishop Deng Bul, Rev Moses (Juba Diocesan Secretary) Canon Vinay Samuel (Consultant, Bridge Foundation India).

Archbishop Daniel briefed the team on current developments in the Sudan, the concern of the Episcopal Church to remain one church in both Northern and Southern Sudan, his concern that the Christian faith should continue to flourish in Northern Sudan, and the current risks of destabilisation of the South.  He explained that he had been called at immediate notice to lead talks in the centre of the country to forestall current disturbances and so would be sending his personal epsicopal representatives in his place.  A representative of the Archbishop of Kenya, who is a patron of Anglican International Development which is supporting Manna Microfinance, will also be attending the launch, Bishop Ole Sabit.

View details of Manna Microfinance Sudan here

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