frgavin on March 21st, 2011

Bill Muehlenberg’s commentary on issues of the day

Do nations just drift into decline, stagnation, and degeneracy? Or is the process aided and abetted by those who actively seek to undermine and subvert a nation? The more one learns about activist and subversive groups, the more one sees that the latter plays a big role in all this.

Indeed, the student of history learns that while nations often decay from within, this process is greatly amplified and accelerated by groups who are working overtime to implement their radical social agendas.

I have written before about some key figures in all this, such as Antonio Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School. I have examined how cultural Marxism continues to roll along nicely, working in overdrive to undermine, subvert, and eventually supplant the free West.

While the Berlin Wall may have come crashing down in 1989, and it looked like communism was finished, this is not at all the case. Committed Marxists, now usually called progressives, continue to work away at their anti-Western agendas.

And I am not talking about some secretive conspiracy theories here. An agenda is simply a list of goals to be accomplished, and we don’t actually have to dig very far to discover these goals. Indeed, the other side has been quite forthcoming in telling us what their aims are.

Time and time again they have informed us what they want to accomplish, and how they intend to accomplish it. And while many of these admissions may have seemed rather dreamlike at the time of their writing, looking back with hindsight reveals a much scarier and sobering reality.

It is worth looking at some of these earlier wish lists put out by the radicals. As but one example, back in 1963 there appeared in the US Congressional Record a list of 45 goals of those bent on overthrowing the US. This list was based on an earlier book written by a FBI analyst.

Here are just around a dozen of the goals. Bear in mind this comes from material put together a half century ago. The real important thing to notice is just how much of this agenda has already been realised.

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