frgavin on March 7th, 2011

Anything Goes…The Episcopal Church…A Religion for the 21st Century

By David W. Virtue

For decades the signs have been visible on roads, and outside every Episcopal Church in the US. It reads: “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You.”

Well, Trinity Episcopal Church, Northport, NY, in the Diocese of Long Island has gone a step further. They have put a sign outside in a locked display that reads “Anything Goes. The Episcopal Church…A Religion for the 21st Century”.

The church is trying to be inclusive, a spokesperson in the parish told VOL by phone. “The Vestry approved the sign,” she said. “The sign was done by a Confirmation class who were given an advertising project to do, and this is what one child did as a poster. This begs the question what are they teaching or not teaching confirmands these days!?

After a concerned Episcopalian, who is a member of an Orthodox Episcopal (read Anglo-Catholic) parish in a neighboring town saw the sign (and photographed it), he sent an e-mail to his bishop, The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano and asked him if by “anything goes” are rape, murder, bestiality, or any belief or conduct the individual chooses now acceptable in The Episcopal Church? the bishop replied that it was a rather strange sign and he would look into it and correct the situation. That was several months ago. The reporting individual has heard nothing more and says the sign is still up.

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