frgavin on April 5th, 2011

Bill MuehlenbergBy Bill Muehlenberg

Three news items in today’s press makes for scary reading – certainly if you are a committed Catholic and/or wish to uphold biblical morality. All three episodes involve various Catholic churches and Catholic leaders capitulating big time to the homosexual onslaught.
These obviously confused Catholics have not only renounced their own official teaching on the subject, but have effectively gone over to the other side, promoting the radical homosexual agenda. Sadly there have been far too many examples of this lately, but let me simply highlight three of them here.
The first involves an evangelical Christian group in Australia who has brought over a former homosexual from the US to share his amazing story. He was scheduled to speak at a Queensland Catholic school, but when they learned more fully about him being a former homosexual, they gave him the flick.
Presumably if he was still a practising homosexual pushing the pro-homosexual agenda, this Catholic school would have welcomed him with open arms. This is how the story has been reported by one news outlet: “An Australian Catholic secondary school has withdrawn permission for an event featuring a former homosexual speaker at the school, saying the presenter is not in line with Christian values and that ‘the Catholic Church abhors all forms of homophobia.’

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