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By Julian Mann

The biblical truths proclaimed by the Book of Common Prayer rang out beautifully at the wonderful occasion that was the Royal Wedding on Friday. But it was not pure vintage 1662 that was served up in Westminster Abbey.

The liturgy used by the Dean of Westminster and the Archbishop of Canterbury was taken from the revised Prayer Book of 1928, which failed at the time to secure Parliamentary approval. Most of the 1928 book though was legally authorised for public use in 1966.

Whilst the 1928 Solemnization of Holy Matrimony came across in 2011 as in many ways a refreshingly politically incorrect liturgy, its departures from the 1662 are quite significant. Apart from the omission of the wife’s godly obedience to her husband and of the references to ‘the time of man’s innocency’ and to ‘our first parents, Adam and Eve’, the 1928 markedly reframes the second cause for which marriage was ordained.

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