May 27th, 2011

Church of England Newspaper May 27

By Chris Sugden

A NEW focus on the family, spirituality and deliverance ministry was heralded as the Mothers’ Union in the Province of West Africa. Maria Akrofi, the wife of Archbishop Akrofi of West Africa, explained that the conference was called to revive the mission of the Mothers’ Union in West Africa “in supporting young people preparing for marriage, those whose marriages have suffered adversity and more importantly, the scores of people with Aids” which she sees as a familyrelated disease affecting babies in utero, being passed on in breast feeding, and producing scores of orphans.

Delegates at the conference, held near Accra, Ghana, from 5-13 May, urged that teaching on Christian marriage should be included in Sunday sermons, that there be a “Couples’ Sunday” to teach on marriage and family life. They agreed that clergy wives had a critical role both in bridging the gap between clergy and laity and also in sharing in leadership in the church community to enable women to voice their concerns.

Delegates were also told of regular meetings of homosexual men married to women but who meet together regularly. They are asked for details of their same-sex partners to assist in combating the spread of HIV/AIDS. They refuse for fear of both stigma from the traditionalists, and of the gay activists who advocate “right to privacy”.

A day was spent on deliverance ministry and intercession. Grace Presbyterian Church in Akropong-Akuapem, in hills 40km from Accra, is home to a remarkable ministry of discernment and intercession. Maria Akrofi explained that “all my meetings have a head bit and a heart bit. Those who worship the Lord must worship him in spirit and in truth.“ Many in all churches are first generation Christians. Traditional fetish and other practices in their families and early lives may still have a detrimental effect on their growth and effectiveness as Christians. Maria Akrofi explained: “It is important to expose those who have family backgrounds in worshipping other gods to teaching about deliverance so that these can be moved out of the way and the Holy Spirit can work fully with them.” Read the rest of this entry »

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